Themes are an easy way to customize ones Nokia 6790 Surge. With so many theme available for the 6790, finding a few that are perfectly suit to an individual is pretty easy. Below, we have listed three pretty popular themes.

Animated I Love You Theme: This is a sweet and fun theme. It features a black background and large red heart, sitting front and center. “I Love You,” is printed on it. This theme, like many others, is free and is available for immediate download.

Animated Nature Theme: This is another cool-looking theme. The theme’s background setting is quite beautiful and includes. It is filled with vegetation. Two swans are floating atop a body of water. This is a great theme for people who enjoy and appreciate nature.

Beautiful Car Theme: Who doesn’t like a beautiful car? This Beautiful car theme features a picture of a black, sports car. This theme is perfect for individuals that have a weakness for fast-looking cars.

If you are looking for great looking themes for your Nokia 6790, consider the above. Each of these is very nice looking and a good place to start. Individuals that want to check out more themes should. There are plenty of them online, so many, in fact, that it shouldn’t be difficult for a person to find one that he or she likes.