Nokia Beta Labs updated their Mac OSX Client of Nokia Software Updater yesterday, bringing the latest version to 3.0.400.

Support has now been added for the following devices:

  • 5230 (RM-588, RM-593, RM-594, RM-629)
  • E5 (RM-632, RM-634)
  • E71 (RM-346, RM-357, RM-407, RM-493)
  • E72-2 (RM-529)
  • N97-1 (RM-506)

Known Issues

  • Nokia Software Updater for Mac works only in Snow Leopard or newer operating system
  • Automatic check for new phone software does not work
  • Application updates are not supported
  • The following devices are supported

Please remember, this is indeed a Beta release, so please help the Beta Labs team develop this client further by reporting any issues over at Beta Labs.