As far as games are concerned, the Symbian 3 operating system offers tons of popular titles. If you visit, you will see all the most popular software game titles available. If you like racing, you will love Asphalt 5 HD. This is a fantastic racing game that has gotten rave reviews from the membership base. Choose from 29 different vehicles and let the racing begin!

For those of you that like number puzzles and brain teasers, there has never been a better game than KenKen. You get tons of puzzles to figure out and brainteasers to be intrigued by. For such a small price tag of $2.99, you can’t go wrong. There are over 250 different puzzles available when you purchase this title.

And what about the Angry Birds series? This is a fantastic game for people of all ages. There are 42 levels in the first pack but there is more than one pack to purchase. Go crazy with Angry Birds and see what real demolition fun is all about. It’s really an animated blast, truly fun.