There are many ways to personalize your Nokia C6-01 experience. There are many customization software titles that you can use to spruce things up a bit. FireDance is one of these applications. It features fire moving in a circular motion against a black backdrop.

A beautiful view of where the sky meets the sea is another popular customization background. This background is called Blue Sky.

The Sweet Heart theme features a double heart with highlight icons. It absolutely glows with an aura that we know you’re going to love.

There are so many themes it’s insane! Whenever you get sick of your current theme, you can change it to whatever new one you want. Best of all, the great majority of themes you will find at are free of charge. They cost nothing to download and use.

And not only themes but there are screensavers as well. Screensavers can help save the fragile nature of the screen and make sure that your screen doesn’t experience any burning out. Screensavers can be a lot of fun and you will love all the creative things people have done with them.

The Polar Lotus screensaver is really cool. We think you’ll like it. Mystical lotus visuals will hypnotize your eyes and leave you in a state of amazement. They constantly change, so there will be no shortage of cool stuff to look at. The Polar Lotus screensaver is a true gem in the world of Symbian 3 screensavers.