The Nokia C7 comes with the Symbian 3 operating system. There have been thousands of applications developed for the Symbian 3 operating system. There is really a lot to choose from.

If you like web browsing, there is the Opera mini web browser that you can download. It was designed specifically for the Symbian 3 operating system and you will find it very useful in your quest for an acceptable web surfing experience with your C7.

One of the coolest applications ever developed for the Symbian 3 operating system is called The Flashlight + SOS. In SOS mode, the phone will flash in morse code a help message. The Flashlight is really cool and it really works well. You can replace your old flashlights and always be able to put light on the subject as long as you have this phone with you.

The Nokia Battery Monitor was designed specifically for Nokia phones like the C7. This will tell you the current level of your battery and make sure that you are never left stranded without any juice. Convenient alerts will tell you when you need to charge your smartphone up.

For those with security on their mind, being able to unlock your phone via a sequence of maze like dots will allow you to keep your phone secure at all times. Being able to lock your phone ensures that only you, the person with the unlocking combination, will be able to gain access to your sensitive files. This is useful for people who work in business positions who have no other choice.

TrueCaller can show you who is calling your phone at all times and make sure that you always have an ID to go with the ring of the phone. You can set this application to only allow phone calls from people on a list. That way, you don’t get any phone calls you don’t want. This is very useful for business only phones.