There are lots of cool software applications compatible with the Nokia E5. Three pretty cool ones are the Core Player v1.3.5 build 7340, ITAgents Theft Aware v2.00 and SmartPhoneWare Best Call Cheater v1.06 Cracked.

The Core Player v1.3.5 build 7340: This media player supports a myriad of formats as well as video and audio playback.

ITAgents Theft Aware v2.00: This security software app makes it possible for individuals to control their phone by remote utilizing SMS commands. They can also command the phone to call them back or backup important SMS commands amongst other things.

SmartPhoneWare Best: This software application helps individuals get out of unpleasant or unwanted phone calls. Individuals are able to play a number of sounds and background settings during the phone call, giving them a ready-made excuse to get off of the phone.

There are many different types of software applications for the Nokia E5. A person is only limited by their imagination and access to great apps. Much of the software programs will be free. However, there are some that require individuals to pay a fee, oftentimes a small one. Persons looking for cool apps to download to their phone, should consider the three listed above, the Core Player v1.3.5 build 7340, ITAgents Theft Aware v2.00 and Smartphone Ware Best.

The ITAgents Theft gives individuals control over their phones even if it is misplaced or stolen. SmartPhoneWare is great to use when a person is looking to put a quick end to a phone call. They are able to play noises and scenarios that “require” them to suddenly and immediately get off of the phone. Lastly, the Core Player is perfect for those looking for media support and who want to play back for audio and video.