There is lots of software and applications that are available for the Nokia E7. The most common way to get applications is directly through the Ovi store, which houses thousands of user submitted apps, both free and paid. People use the E7 smartphone like many other E series devices, which were initially targeted at business users with a heavy focus on email use. The phone itself has a 680 MHz processor, which is fast enough to run anything you will find in the Ovi store. Software applications like currency converters, expense calculators, profile selectors, desktop collaboration and handy blacklists that prevent unwanted people from calling your phone are just a few of the applications that are available that are popular amongst E7 users. Just like other app stores, Ovi has many different applications available for download. The applications come in all forms and types: Entertainment, Internet, Calculator, Camera, Dictionary, Education, Productivity, Multimedia, Sports, Finance and more are all possible with the E7 smartphone.

Gravity Download NowTwitter applications are growing in popularity, and with a hardware keyword updating your status will be easier than ever.  You can get many different versions of Twitter apps for your Nokia E7, but our personal choice is Gravity. Nokia may not have as many applications as the Apple or Android, but the number Gravity is still a solid choice. The Symbian 3 operating system still boasts an impressive amount of social application possibilities, including Facebook if Twitter isn’t quite your thing. Download Gravity
Advanced Call Manager Download NowAnother popular application amongst Nokia E7 users is Advanced Call Manager. This handy application allows you to block certain callers, auto-reply with an SMS, along with several other automated features. Advanced Call Manager even allows filtering by the time of day, making it easy to let others know when you are at work or school. Download Advanced Call Manager

In the future, there will be even more applications that are compatible with the Symbian 3 operating system. This means that any phone, as long as it comes with the Symbian 3 operating system, will be able to load the applications, includiung the Nokia E7. It is indeed an exciting time for people with this flagship phone!