Reuters reported earlier today stating that a Nokia spokesperson had informed them that the all new upcoming Nokia E7 had been delayed until early 2011, missing the promised Nokia shipping date, end of Q4.  I was skeptical of this at first, but now thanks to Chris Davies of Slashgear, he has managed to track down Ray Haddow at Nokia for an official statement on this delay, and the reason why the delay.  Here’s the statement.

“We are taking corrective actions to the hardware durability issue we discovered. We are committed to provide the best possible user experience on the Nokia E7 and now expect to begin shipping the Nokia E7 shipments in early 2011.”


So there you have it, yes, the E7 will be delayed, and shipping will be sometime early 2011.  Ray didn’t comment on what exactly was the issue, but did say that the E7 was not quite happy with the E7 just yet, so decided to pull back shipping to refine the finishing of the E7.

Are you looking forward to getting an E7?  I know I am, I miss an hardware QWERTY for starters, and the beautiful form-factor the E7 has. I loved the N97 form-factor, but as to the inners, we shall not go there.