e7My very good friend Michael Hell over at Fonearena has put together a superb detailed account of his experiences with the new Symbian^3 Nokia E7 handset, giving his hits and misses on the device, with his final conclusion drawing its strengths on the hardware QWERTY keyboard winning his recommendation on whether you should buy the device or not. ·Here are a few snippets from his post..

Build Quality: Let’s make one thing perfectly clear. Nokia is MILES ahead of everyone when it comes to build quality. Like the Nokia N8, the E7 is built like a tank. It is made from the same anodized aluminum, and thus features a feeling you won’t get anywhere else.


Coming from a lot of old Nokias and recently Android devices like HTC Desire, Samsung Galaxy S and Nexus S, it is clear who is my absolutely favorite here. Everything is rock-solid and in closed position, the E7 feels like a candybar device. Even the plastic caps that hide the battery and antenna modules don’t feel like they’d come off anytime soon. THIS is how you build a phone, thank you for reminding everyone about that, Nokia.

Menu Key in the middle again: a minor detail, but a good move in my opinion. If you use the N8 longer than a day, you’ll see that the left side-positioned Menu Key is a huge problem in terms of usability. Nokia has fixed that and i like it.

Check out Michaels full, detailed post over at Fonearena here

I too now have an E7 after winning the WWNHelpHero Competition, so be sure to stay tuned right here on Nokiausers for my thoughts, and opinions on the E7. I have the silver model.