I’m really enjoying my E7 experience thus far, and what makes the experience so much better for me is the amazing Beta, and Experimental applications coming from Beta Labs which I have installed. ·Bubbles, Sleeping Screen, Nokia Drop, and the Unofficial Nokia Pure Font, which bring the E7 bang up to date in my opinion.

Learn more about the Nokia E7: http://nokia.ly/epMywm. Nokia E7 is a new-age communicator with many great features, including multiple homescreens, 4-inch touch screen with HD video, pinch zoom and a full QWERTY keyboard. Find out all you need to know about the smart phone by watching this product video. Nokia E7. The new form of success.

Nokia’s Official Youtube channel have recently published a brand new E7 video which helps you learn more about this hardware QWERTY Symbian^3 handset.  Check it out below..