A few of my good friends have gone on video for Nokia to share their thoughts on the new Nokia E7 Symbian^3 QWERTY device, talking about how its user case can be for both Business, and Pleasure.

Having an E7 myself, I can confirm its familiar form-factor to that of the failed N97 brings back new hope for many Nokia users.

The E7 is everything, and more that the N97 should have been.

In the video below, posted to NokiaUS Youtube channel you will find a few familiar faces. Mark Guim from The Nokia Blog, Jeb Brilliant from aBrilliantBlog, and finally, Mike Macias from themobilefanatics

All three of these tech lovers are indeed US based, and it’s interesting to hear their personal opinions on Nokia’s new E7 device, as the US is one place Nokia really do need to break more ground.