Nokia E73 Mode software is designed to make the phone easier to use, often times providing shortcuts for tasks individuals don’t enjoy doing. Software programs can also be used to give individuals more options, improve functionality and sometimes to provide entertainment. SExplorer, ScreenSnap S60 and NStarter are three popular software apps designed for the Nokia E73 Mode.

a. SExplorer: This is a file explorer app. Users will be able to browse their phone’s C, D, E and Z drives. They can also open files based on their type, rename both directories and files. They can also create new folders, edit and delete files and directories that they no longer want.

b. ScreenSnap S60: This app allows individuals to capture screenshots on their phones. These captured shots can be saved, sent to family members and friends or directly to an individual’s desktop.

c. NStarter: This piece of software will make running apps easier than ever. It gives users 12 hotkey shortcuts that will run any app on their phone. All a person has to do is simultaneously press two buttons and the specified app will launch.

The Nokia E73 is a great phone. However, it might not necessarily perform all of the functions that a person may want it to. In these cases, additional software can sometimes be added to shore up what a person might perceive to be deficiencies. Thanks to developers, both professional and hobbyists, there are continuous releases of software programs that designed to make using the Nokia E73 easier. SExplorer, ScreenSnap S60 and NStarter are three great pieces of software that E73 owners might find useful. Those in need of a good screen capture software program should give ScreenSnap S60 a try. Persons looking to speed up the launch of their apps may want to download the NStarter program.