The Nokia N900 is popular slide-slider QWERTY mobile phone. It comes standard with many of the features today’s mobile phone owners have come to expect. Individuals will be able to connect to and browse the web quickly and easily. They will also be able to take pictures, record videos and listen to the phone’s built-in FM radio.

The N900’s display screen is a high resolution one. Images and text are thus sharp and focused. The slide out design makes the keypad easy to type on. Individuals that love to text will especially appreciate this.

The Nokia N900 comes with a Mozilla browsing and is powered by Maemo. The phone’s screen is 3.5 inches. It is a touch screen (65 K color resistive) with 800 x 480 pixel WVGA screen resolution. The phone’s operating system is Maemo 5. Its web browser is one of the phone’s strong points and is Mozilla based. Users are sure to enjoy the phone’s Adobe Flash 9.4 support.

The Nokia N900 QWERTY keyboard comes with three full rows and as mentioned above, it slides out. It has tri-bad 3G support (only in the United States) and Quad-band GSM. Individuals that enjoy taking pictures will find that the Nokia N900 is fully equipped. The phone’s auto-focus camera has a camera lens cover and a dual-LED flash. It is also possible to record videos using the mobile and play them back using the mobile’s XviD and DivX functions.

The phone comes with Wi-Fi, allowing individuals to access the Internet whenever they want, wherever they want. It also includes GPS and A-GPS so that users are always able to find their way to their destination. Individuals that own the Nokia N900 will have access to 32GB of onboard storage. The phone’s accelerometer is built-in as is the proximity sensor.

The Nokia N900 comes with a FM transmitter, FM radio receiver, stereo Bluetooth v 2.1 and a microUSB port for easy charging. The audio quality of the phone is good and users will have a number of communication options. They can obviously talk to others in the traditional way, using the headset directly to make and receive calls. They will also be able to Skype, Google talk and use VoIP. As of right now, there are no video chatting capabilities.

The Nokia N900 is a very good one. It is feature packed, providing users with what have become industry standards. Individuals who purchase this mobile will be able to obviously receive and make calls. In addition to that, they will be able to connect and browse the Internet inside the United States. The phone doesn’t support Internet connections outside of the United States. Individuals, while in the States, will be able to browse the Internet and connect to others via Google Talk, Skype and VoIP.

The Nokia N900 can be purchased online for between $300 and $999, depending on who’s selling it and whether or not it is brand new, used or refurbished. The Internet is a great place to buy mobile phones. Oftentimes, the best deals can be found online. There is also the option of buying used, which helps drive down the price. All in all, this phone is definitely interesting to say the least but just like with all phones, you need to be aware that talking on it too much can be dangerous, so be careful!