Plenty of very good Nokia N900 software apps can be found online. Some are free, while others require that individuals pay a fee, most often a small one. In this section, we will take a look at three pieces of software that oft downloaded and generally well received by Nokia N900 mobile phone owners. They are the Evernote Sharing Plugin, the Mozilla Firefox for Maemo and the Picasa Web Albums Uploader.

The Evernote Sharing Plugin is well regarded. It is designed to make life easier for the user. It is a free app that helps people remember and keep track of all manner of things. Individuals can type themselves a note, take a picture, clip a page online or capture a screenshot and send it to the program for central and safe keeping. The software will transport the notes, pictures, etc., to Evernote.

The Mozilla Firefox for Maemo software is another popular Nokia N900 application. A popular website rates it 4 out of 5 stars. This particular app makes it possible for individuals to synchronize the following, amongst all of their electronic devices, their phone’s history, passwords, bookmarks and tabs. This is a really cool app that could come in handy for the right person. Those looking to consolidate or sync up their bookmarks, history, passwords, etc, across their devices, will find this app to be quite handy. The app’s Awesome Screen function makes it possible for individuals to access their history and bookmarks with a single push of the button. The free app is available in nearly a dozen languages.

Individuals that enjoy uploading photos and to their videos to their phone will find that the Picasa Web Albums Uploader allows them to do exactly that, easily and quickly. Individuals are able to upload the aforementioned with a simple click of the “Share” button. This app is also free.