Spotted at N95users today, member Benz-Driver has posted a picture of his newly updated N95-1 .
RM-159 (N95-1) MCU SWV 21.0.016 has apparently been available at Nokia Service Centers in at least the UK since this past Wednesday. The official changelog was posted earlier in the thread- no doubt that if you are an N95 user, you have most likely seen it already. This is basically the v21 firmware that has been in testing and available on a web runtime demo for developers and tinkerers since sometime around October last year.

So if you have an "old school" N95-1 and a Nokia service point around you, I would recommend taking that phone and heading out to that service center. Enjoy the flash in your browser. 🙂







To clarify, this update does not seem to be available with the Nokia Software Updater still, as of right now. It should be hitting NSU soon, for now it’s only at walk-in service points. It’s reported that all generic Euro and Middle Eastern product codes are allowed the update, as well as several local (euro) variants are also being made available. Generic product IDs ready for update include the following- 


0561829            0536065