ddDamian Dinning, Nokia’s top Optic’s expert has shared his experiences with the Upcoming 12mp Shooter, the Nokia N8, showing the true capabilities of the optics, sensor, and quality of the images, and videos that the N8 can capture without breaking into a sweat.

In two parts, the first part, Damian focuses (no pun intended), on the photos that the N8 produces, one of them can be seen below, the butterfly is simply amazing, checkout the quality of this particular image when zoomed into which reveals so much detail, its jaw dropping.  

Check out many more of these great photos, and of course to see what Damian has to say about his experience whilst taking these shots, head across to Nokia Conversations, Nokia’s Official Blog.


Onto Damian Dinning’s part two where he now shows the video recording, zoom functionality, and so so much more.  Damian goes into great depth in expressing the technologies used in the N8’s Camera, and its highly recommended reading, so grab yourself a drink, get comfortable, and head across to Damian Dinning’s Part 2 over on Nokia Conversations.

Quote from Damian…

“Let’s consider the benefits of the sensor/optics combination a little further. In good light recording, we take full advantage of the high resolution sensor. Through the downscaling and binning process from the 4000×3000 pixel sensor to 1280×720 video pixels, any visual noise that may have required some degree of noise reduction is effectively filtered out, therefore allowing us to process the video with noise reduction disabled. This means in reasonable lighting you won’t see any noise in the video during play back. This has allowed us to retain incredible levels of detail rather than losing it to noise reduction. It’s also allowed us to implement digital zoom which is virtually as good as optical zoom”.