n8Recently Italy became the first European country to show the availability to pre-order the new Upcoming 12MP Shooter, the N8 from Nokia on its country specific Nokia website, and now Germany, France, and Spain have joined the ranks, allowing residents of those countries to pre-order their shiny new N8, however, the UK is still waiting patiently for their pre-order pages to go live.

Rafe from All About Symbian has let us know that the French store quotes a price of €459 (£380) and availability at the ‘end of August’, the Spanish store quotes a price of €469 (£389) and availability at the ‘end of September’, while the German store quotes a price €479 (£397) and availability in the ‘third quarter’. The N8 is already available for pre-order in Italy at a cost of €469.

Will you be pre-ordering an N8, or have you become tired of the long wait for this latest device from Nokia? Let us know in the comments below, or head across to our forums and lets talk, and share your thoughts on the N8.