Woke up this morning carrying out my usual routine of reading emails, and RSS feed, and then when I fired up twitter, said Good Morning to everyone, when my good friend Richard, @Sheridan01 replied and said Good Morning back, I asked how he was, and I got the following reply….


Now knowing Richard has an N8 in his possession my heart was in my mouth, so asked him which phone he had accidentally dropped 3 meters off his balcony, and my fears were confirmed, he had dropped the aluminium cased Nokia N8.!! Seeing that the new iPhone smashes its glass when dropped from knee height, I was starting to fear the worse.

Of course, the next question was obvious, I asked if there was any damage, to which Richard replied with an impressive answer..


Going by the above answer, I thought to myself, ok, it probably landed on a soft surface, maybe grass, but no, it actually landed on hard concrete stone paving. Check after the break for damage report, and photos..


So the N8 was dropped 3 meters from a Balcony, unintentionally of course, and it survived, but does it still work? Yes, its still fully working, and only bares a couple of scratches from the 3 meter fall onto the concrete paving stones below.  Here are some photo proof.

First up, the Balcony the N8 was dropped from..



And finally a photo of the damage sustained from this fall.  As you can see, the N8 hoel up fairly well with just a few light scratches.  I’m very impressed.! Full size photo of the photo below can be found here.