dlThanks to Jay Montano of My Nokia Blog for pointing this great TechRadar Exclusive Interview out with Dolby Lab’s Senior Technical Marketing Manager, Jonathan Jowitt, who goes into great depth on the technologies used in the upcoming Nokia N8, that bring better than DVD quality film viewing to your hands.

Jowitt goes onto to answer many questions from TechRadar’s Steve May, like about the type of compression and encode/decode technology being used to squeeze a big-screen home theatre experience into N8.

The answer to this question, Jowitt says, ‘The video file format is MPEG-4, there’s nothing special about it. It uses traditional video encoding and traditional Dolby encoding in the audio domain.
Thee handset (which has 16GB of internal memory) would probably store thirty or forty ninety-minute-type movies, you’ll get a good thirty films on the  device. So we see the N8 as a kind of portable hardware version of a kind of disc player… a Blu-ray disc player actually, because it’s slightly better quality than you get out of a DVD player.

For the full interview, and to get a better insight into what the N8 has to off in the entertainment side of things, your in for a treat, head over to TechRadar here, to find out more.