According to the analyst company IDC, Microsofts alliance with Nokia could make way for Windows Phone to be ahead of competition such as the hugely popular iOS and Blackberry – at least in around 3 and a half years time. Their latest research apparently predicts that the Windows Phone 7 will struggle in the market until the new set of Nokia Windows Phones are released in larger volumes.

IDC analyst Ramon Llamas wrote in a press release; “Until Nokia begins introducing Windows Phone-powered smartphones in large volumes in 2012, Windows Phone 7/Windows Mobile will only capture a small share of the market,” the research note reads, “as the release of Mango-powered smartphones are not expected to reach the market until late 2011.”

If all goes well with the new Microsoft and Nokia partnership, the firm expects the Windows Phone to have around a 20 percent stake of the smartphone market by the year 2015 – that means it will have a larger market share than iOS who are expected to have a 16.9 share and the Blackberry, which is anticipated to have a 13.4 percent share – and of course the Android phone is predicted be the market leader with a whopping 43.8 percent share.

The hotly anticipated partnership is not yet even formed, but with firms like IDC expecting big things from the partership it looks like the next few years could be big for Nokia and Microsoft. The way the phones are marketed will be a huge factor in the success of this alliance and indeed the Nokia Windows Phone platform, but only time will tell if the success will turn the smartphone market on its head.

I personally believe they’re on the right tracks, but whether or not it will be as successful as predicted i’m not all too sure – I hope so though, if not only for a better and more competitive smarphone market, after all competition usually develops in to technology advances in these sort of markets.

How do you think things will pan out between the two companies? Do you see the Windows Phone having a market share as predicted by the IDC, or is this all too confident thinking?