For those of you out there eager to get your hands on the long awaited 12MP Nokia N8, I can share with you today the Official price of this latest Symbian^3 device from the Holy Grail in Finland.  The N8 will cost €370 Euros before Tax & Subsidies.


This price has been Officially confirmed to me directly from Nokia, and I have to say, its a mighty fine price point too, and I can see this selling very well indeed. So much so, I would say that anyone who already has say an 5800 device from Nokia, would certainly see this as a superb upgrade, because lets face it, the 5800 is a great device, but sadly it was let down in the camera department.

The N8 will also be a keen favorite with many a user who’s main focus (no pun intended) is a great point and shoot camera.  I can also confirm that the N8’s camera is simply the best camera I have ever used on a Nokia device, and I have tried them all.

Its so fast, words can not describe my initial thought when I first tried  it out.  The focus time blew me away.



Music centric users too are going to fall in love with the N8, with an overhauled Music player, with superbly smooth and quick UI, and Coverflow transitions, its simply impressed the socks off me personally.  Again, the Music Player also is quick, rending all album art very very quickly indeed.


As to availability of the N8, lets just say, anytime now, so keep your eyes peeled right here on Nokiausers. Oh, and I will be at Nokia World 2010 in London next month, so thats another good reason to staying tuned right here at Nokiausers.  The Nokia website/forums run by Nokia enthusiasts, for Nokia enthusiasts, and Nokia Users across the Globe.

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