In this latest video from Techno Buffalo, its very clear that the software on this particular device is my no means ready for primetime, and is a totally unfair on the unreleased, upcoming new Nokia device, the E7, or an N8 QWERTY variant. Please do not judge this device from this particular video demo.

As Techno Buffalo show you through the Symbian^3 software, things don’t go quite as planned, which issues of lag, and worse when the camera application is attempted to be demoed, it simply does not open, which then ends the video abruptly.

Its quite painful viewing to see this kind of video being pushed out to the public, and its very unfair to upcoming potencial buyers, and of course, the Nokia team behind the development of this device. Checkout the video below, but please do bare in mind that the software on this particular Nokia prototype is far far from stable.

Nokia from Techno Buffalo on Vimeo.