Yep, you read it right, the first Nokia Windows Phones are set to hit the UK and Europe first, according to a Dutch executive over at the Finnish firm Nokia. The new phones along with the new operating system is set to be rolled out towards the end of this year, spelling the start of the Nokia/Microsoft reign as smartphone associates.

Along with the UK, the likes of Germany, Spain, Italy and Netherlands will be on Nokia’s hit list first, according to a statement made from Nokia Europe vice president to the Dutch website All About Phones. It appears Nokia are gambling all that they have and all that they are on Microsoft’s Windows Phone software, which has also caused Nokia to start to discontinue development on its own Symbian and MeeGo operating systems – with that said, Nokia promised to keep the Symbian software updated for years to come.

There has been much scepticism across the globe from Microsoft and Nokia fans alike as to whether this partnership would ever work – some believing it’s going to work out for the smartphone ecosystem yet others believing the whole partnership is flawed and some even believing this is the start of the end of both companies in the smartphone market.

Elop has been doing his rounds on the conference circuit lately bigging up the Windows Phone operating system to anyone and everyone. He says the platform offers much more vision for Nokia to separate itself from other mobile phone manufacturers out there, who are developing and releasing one Android phone after another like its out of fashion.

The Windows Phone does, however, offer an alternative for people who aren’t fans of Android or Apple’s iOS, who are the dominant force in the market at the moment. The Windows Phone interface is charming and elegant with a tile-based interface that has been received exceptionally well and will be part of the basis for the new and upcoming Windows 8 PC software – though let’s just hope the Windows Phone becomes more of a dominant force as its desktop counter-part is – at least for the sake of the smartphone ecosystem.

When release, will you be divulging yourself with a Nokia Windows Phone smartphone, or will you stick with your tried and trusted Blackberry, iOS or Android mobile phone? I personally will definitely see what it has to offer, something I hope will be more than each manufacturer and provider have on their own.