The guys over at GSMArena have done themselves proud in this comprehensive mobile phone screen testing, pitching several mobile devices together, and testing the stability, usability, and functionality of the various types of screen technologies used, all in the aim of research.  You can find Nokia’s new CBD screen there too, so checkout the results over at GSMArena and see how how Nokia’s new screen tech faired in the competition.


“This is not a story going back to monochrome displays and the dawn of STN and CSTN screens. That would’ve made an even bigger mess. Instead, we’re focusing on present day touchscreen and the varieties it comes in. We have each technology represented and it’s quite a bunch of highly popular and fairly recent phones being judged by the quality of their screen. From the good old LCD to the ClearBlack AMOLED by Nokia – they are all here, with all their strengths and weaknesses”. 

Hat tip to Jay from My Nokia Blog