mecantoIt’s been a while since I last told you about Mecanto, and what they offer you in the way of what I would say is an amazing free service.  Mecanto started out as a small group by the name of Hyrax, a service which allowed you to upload your entire music collection to the cloud, and then play it back via your mobile device, or PC/Laptop using one of Hyrax’s free players. 

Soon after the successful launch of Hyrax, it was obvious right at the beginning that the free service they offered was very popular, with them offering what some say sounds too good to be true, allowing you to upload unlimited amounts of your own music to your own free online account, thus removing the need to actually have any music on your device, playing it directly, streaming to your chosen player from the cloud. If you don’t use Mecanto, but would like to give it a test drive, head over to their Official site here.


Once your music is uploaded via their desktop launch pad, you have full control of your music collection, everthing, including tags are still intact, and you can organise your playlists, and even share what you are listening too with the Social plugin, tweeting which songs you are liking etc, similar to

Recently, MeCanto has made it into the top 10 finalists of the Nokia Developer Contest, which is great news for the team, as they have worked very hard behind the scenes, and offered superb customer support in my experience.  If you use Mecanto, show your support for them by heading over to their facebook fan page, and become a fan, this will count as your vote support, and will allow the team to improve MeCanto and provide you with a better product and service.