When Mobilefun.co.uk contacted me recently asking if I would be happy to review their newly designed mobile phone holder, I was delighted, and excited at the same time, because for quite a long time now, there has not been a really ideal solution for mounting a mobile phone on a tripod since the Nokia DT-22 Clamp and Tripod combination, which was discontinued quite a while ago.

It was the DT-22’s Clamp in particular which was the main attraction, and it was this Kestrel Clamp what made the DT-22 very popular. The Kestrel clamp is available on eBay from the USA, however, as you can see, is quite pricey, which makes the Mobilefun Mobile Phone Holder, and Tripod combination the perfect, and affordable solution.

I have no idea why Nokia decided to discontinue the DT-22, the adjustable clamp it had was the perfect solution for mounting your Nokia device not only on a tripod, but also for using together with the every-so-popular Qikpod, which basically extends your reach/arm, so you can grab great photos of yourself, and your friends singlehanded.



Back to the Mobilefun Mobile Phone Holder, and as you can see from the photos, its design is quite unique in the respect of form-factor. It not only extends horizontally, to accommodate various sizes of devices width, but also has a spring loaded height clamp too, which securely holds your Nokia device in place.

There are padded non-slip cushion pads fitted to the lower base where the bottom of your Nokia device fits, with enough room to position your device at the perfect secure position without havig to worry about it wobbling, or moving when setting up for your photos.

On the underside of the phone holder you will find the standard tripod screw mount, which consists of a metal threaded insert rather than plastic, so securing to any tripod, Qikpod, or Time-lapse positioning method, you don’t have to worry about anything giving.

The Mobilefun Mobile Holder also comes with its very own mini-tripod too, in fact, is exactly the same one Nokia used to sell with the DT-22, which is not too bad actually, nice, and strong construction, with metal hinges, and with a nice and tight ball head which you can adjust the strength of grip. The legs of the tripod are also telescopic, stainless steel, extending to reveal an additional four inches height.

I have tried a few devices in this holder, and all fitted very well, with no movement found with any of them. An X6 fitted nice and tight, so too did my N86, and even my N97 fitted very well, and that’s with a Capdase protector fitted, also from Mobilefun, Reviewed here.

So if your looking for the perfect Nokia phone holder, I highly recommend this mobile phone holder from Mobilefun.co.uk, which is available here for just £14.97GBP. Checkout their product pages for more photos, and information, where you will find this Mobile Phone holder, can also be used with an N900 too. Head over, and checkout more great Nokia Accessories that MobileFun has available.

Thanks to Mobilefun.co.uk for sending me this product to Review.