TMNpondlogoYesterday I was browsing through the content available for my N97 in the Ovi Store, and I came across a lovely little application, which name kind of distracts from its purpose.  Its actually a really nice application, a aggregator and publisher for Social Media Networks, including Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Flickr.  you can also add any of your favorite RSS feeds, making TMN Pond an all round News source.

TMN Pond is currently only available for S60 5th Edition as far as I’m aware, however, if you manage to get it working on S60 3rd Edition devices, please let me know.

TMN is completely free too, ok, its not as well finished as, say Gravity, but TMN Pond does have potential, thats for sure.  Check it out for yourself by heading to the Ovi Store here.  The twitter feature is quite simple, but does allow you to see your timeline, reply to messages, and ReTweet updates, its quite quick too.


So far the only things I have found wrong with this application is that when you choose to upload a photo to share, and after granting permissions for Pond to access your device media files, the application crashes, and closes down.  Also, when you go to the “About” screen, there is a link where you can leave the developer feedback, and report bugs, however at this time, the email it links to appears to be incorrect, and bounces back your mail, well this has been the case with me anyway.  Just to note, when you are granting permissions when setting your various accounts, the success page is displayed in Portuguese, as the developer is from Portugal.  Hopefully he/she will rectify these small issues with an update in the near future.

Pond is a social media aggregator and publisher that allows you to follow your friends, collect information about them and share your own content in some of the most popular online social content services available. In Pond you decide what content you want to see and your friends don’t even have to use Pond. As long as you can add them as contacts in any of the services Pond supports or they provide a feed (eg., a blog RSS feed), you can add them to Pond and follow their stuff.  Click “Read More” for further screenshots of TMN Pond.


Log in screen


Timeline view


Various options in received tweets


Replies view


Accounts screen


Finally, the About screen