tehkJon, and Paul from Tehkseven Blog have been carrying out a series of hardcore stress tests on their beloved N900, from scratching it, dropping it, and even giving it the splash water test, not to mention disassembling it too, but all in the aid of research of course, and also to provide you with valuable information about your N900, and how well it would fare in those unwanted conditions which some of us experience unexpectedly. 

wet n900We all drop our phones from time to time, and our heart misses a beat.  Well can you imagine how you would feel when you drop your N900 for the first time, remember, its a true mobile computer, not just a phone.  Keep your eyes peeled on Jon and Paul’s shenanigans over on Tehkseven Blog, as they both share some great, unique content, and all with a polish of humour, and wit, it all makes great entertainment, and of course, fun whilst at the same time, actually learning something.  Well, sometimes.  Click “Read More” to watch these great videos.

First up in the Tehkseven N900 Stress Tests Videos is the Scratch Test.  How well do you think the N900 will fare?  Watch the video to find out where the N900 screen is scratch tested with a few objects, including the supplied stylus, with varying levels of pressure, and then onto a coin, and finally a key.  (Ouch!).


In the second N900 Stress Test video below, the N900 gets dropped on three typical surface layers, grass, gravel, and concrete.

Third video below is a simulated pocket test to see how well the N900 would resist scratches from being in an environment similar to a pocket, with keys, and coins etc.  In this case, a zip locked bag, so you can see the contents, and their damaging qualities.

Now the fourth N900 Stress Test video is similar to the pocket test, but in this case, the N900 is subjected to very much smaller objects.  Yes, thats right, dust, we all at some time have experienced dust getting behind the screen cover on one of our handsets, and know only too well how frustrating this can be.  Watch the video below to see how well, or how bad, the N900 fares in The Tehkseven Dust Test.

Now onto the fifth, and final Tehkseven N900 Stress Test Video, unless they come up with more tests to carry out that is, they are open to suggestions, so ask them here, if you want to see anything else done to their N900.

Back to this fifth video below from Tehkseven, which in this case, is the dreaded water test, yes, the one natural element we all dread to be anywhere near with our handsets, but even though we try and take the utmost care, we sometimes fail, and allow our devices to get wet, be it getting caught out in the rain whilst on a call, or dropping your handset in a stream(yes Rafe, you), or simply dropping it down the loo, your phone that is whilst trying to take a call, and do your fly at the same time.

 Bonus Video below, Tehkseven’s N900 gets dismantled.