1Firstly I would like to say thanks to Mobilefun.co.uk for sending me this Nokia CR-116 N97 in-car holder for review. It’s available on their webiste here for just £18.47, (was £39.95) saving you 54% on RRP.

The Nokia CR-116 is an OEM, Genuine Nokia product for the N97, extremely well built, and holds the N97 very securely.  So how good is it really? Well, I have to say, it does exactly as its supposed to, and does it very well.  The CR-116 comes in two pieces, the suction mount with quick lock, and release suction cup, and an “S” type attachment for securing to secondary part, that being, the cradle for the N97 itself. 

Sadly, there is no way you can have the N97’s keyboard open whilst fitted in the CR-116, which is a real shame.  Also, Nokia missed another option which some people would of liked, myself included, that being, a cut-out in the back fascia for the camera.  Not only would this allow you to use your N97 camera whilst in the cradle (Out of the car), but would of also allowed you to film your road trips too.

2As mentioned, the CR-116 has a quick release fixture, which is very simple to use, once you have attached the suction cup part to your windscreen, you simply align the fitment faces, and turn the N97 fitted in its cradle clockwise, continuing to turn clockwise too, so to get it into position without removing it, because if you do fit it, then turn it anti-clock-wise, you remove the coupling again, this is easy enough to get used to, but I found myself a little frustrated with it at first, as each time I tried to get the angle just right, I accidently uncoupled the fitting.


The N97 is held very secure in the CR-116, with a sliding locking mechanism on the rear of the Cradle used for fitting and removal of the N97, you need to slide the small plastic lock part in order to insert your N97, and then slide it back, locking your N97 into place, now, I would say this is a little overkill to be honest, but unless of course your going for some serious driving, off-roading in your 4×4, as the fitting is so secure, you could sustain the most bumpy of roads, and the N97 wouldn’t budge an inch. Check after the break for larger photos in the photo gallery.


Various shots of the Nokia CR-116, including fitted in vehicle.