When Powermat.com contacted me recently asking if I would review one of their wireless charging products, I responded right away, as I was not only interested in the wireless charging technologies used by PowerMat, but for anyone who has been following me over the years, and my reviews will by now know I love my gadgets.


When it comes to mobile device chargers, and alike, I have reviewed several different types from many brands, and love putting them to the test in the real world, and sharing my experiences with my readers so you can then decide for yourselves if a certain product is for you, as expected, I always speak my mind, and will not write a glowing review for a product that does not meet its makers specifications, performance, or sales pitches.


Now back to the Wireless PowerMat I have been given, it boasts two charging areas, which can be seen in the photo above.


9Power adaperter (pictured above) neatly wraps the powercord around it, thus saving space when packing it with your gadgets. 

The dual charging mat is slick, slim, and lightweight, allowing you to easily pack it away in your gadget bag for when you venture out and about away from home. It has a single power input port on the rear.


At home, on a desk it serves as a very convenient charging platform, but you cannot just place any device into one of its charging areas, you need to invest in either a PowerMat case, or in my case, an Nokia N97 BP-4L Battery replacement from PowerMat, which comes with its own battery cover for the N97 to accommodate the slight thickness of the battery.


This N97 battery replacement from PowerMat (please contact PowerMat for details) may not be any bigger in capacity being the same as the OEM one, 1500mAh, but its whats inside this battery that counts. It houses the technology that once fitted, and battery cover replaced, with the PowerMat switched on via the supplied power adapter, you can place the N97, or any other device with the required case/battery, back down on one of the charging areas on the mat, and you will feel a magnetic pull, which mates the device to the PowerMat. You will hear an audible confirmation also to confirm its charging. You will also be presented with an led notification which stays illuminated during the recharging of a device. This light goes out once the device is fully charged. The Upgraded Power


Now due to the nature of how the PowerMat recharges your device externally through the battery cover, you will not see any status notification on the device being charged itself, so no battery bar status indicators need to be observed here, just wait until the charging light on the PowerMat goes out, and then you know the battery is fully recharged, and your good to go.


During my tests over the last couple of weeks, I have come to rely on the effortless, wireless recharging of my N97, as its so convenient, besides, I can see this PowerMat really coming in useful for handicapped users who maybe only have one hand/arm, as that’s all you need to place a device on the PowerMat, and recharge without having to worry about any cables. Recharging time is very similar to that of the conventional charging via MicroUSB.

If you have any questions regarding this particular model of PowerMat that I have here, please feel free to ask away in the comments below.
You can buy the Dual Pad PowerMat seen in this review here, and all other accessories from PowerMat.com here.

Micky’s Score for this device (out of 10) 8