gtranslateIf you are always having to look around for a good language translation service online, you may be familar with Bablefish from Yahoo, and of course, Google.  Well now, if you have an N900, there is a realy simple solution, which comes in a very easy to use application called gTranslate, a Google translator application. 

This is actually only available currently in Extras devel, which indicates its currently not quite ready for primetime usage, but it should be available for all pretty soon.

Once downloaded, and installed on your N900, simply launch gTranslate, and then configure your input language, then your choice, and output language preference.  In the screenshot below, I chose English, as the input language, and Finnish as my output language.  Then its a simple couple of steps to translate any word, or sentence using the buttons below the main text area.  You can even copy, and paste your output translationed words, and paste them into say, IM, twitter etc.


gTranslate was created by Tuomas Siipola, and will no doubt be improved further in the coming weeks, as at the moment, there are some preferences that have been requested, for example, each time you launch the app, it reverts back to no languages chosen, whereas in an update, it will keep your last chosen presets. Expect gTranslate to show up in your download catalogue pretty soon.