The Ovi Blog has reported today that the Yahoo! powered Mail roll-out is now underway, so expect to see some new emails and notifications about the process to get your new email client set up and working best for you.

ymWhat does this mean for you?

You get a faster and more powerful Mail experience with new features that make your email experience better. In addition, Chat users will be able to experience Chat on the web for the first time! And last but not least, if you’re a Mail or Chat powered by Yahoo! user, you can use your Nokia or Ovi account to log in to other Yahoo! services like Yahoo! News or Finance.

To start to set up your Yahoo! powered Ovi Mail, click here. If your native language is English, but you reside in a country with another language you will find that the web version of Yahoo! powered email is Geo active, which in turn displays the local language as default. In my case, Suomi, so I’m now in the process of converting it to English.