LinkedIn is a well known Social service for users to share their professional experiences in their line of work, build connections, and even help users change careers, and look for that new job.

Recently Nokia launched their mobile client of LinkedIn, and was created using Qt with the LinkedIn Platform, the company’s development toolkit to allow programmers to access the network from external applications.

I had a lot of difficulty installing this on my E7 due to various issues with the Qt packages I use, and to this day, i still can’t install it, but remember I do Beta test a lot of things, so this maybe isolated just to me, and few others.

N8 installation went fine however, and having had a play around with this app, I’m happy to report that it’s impressive! Very quick with a pleasant UI, and smooth User Experience, which matches the likes of the LinkedIn app on iOS, and that’s saying something.

Head across to Ovi Store to download LinkedIn for Symbian today. It’s free too!