e52Following the recent Nokia Software Updater and Ovi Suite Beta receiving an update themselves, its always a small giveaway that new device firmware is usually being rolled out to some Nokia devices, and in true style, this is correct, with both the E52, and C5 both receiving new firmware updates which are available right now for most product codes.

V52.003 is now available for the Nokia E52, and one assumes this is available via OTA (Over The Air), and Nokia Software Updater, and Ovi Suite.  This update brings a few small changes to the E52, those being Improved features, and performance, Updated applications, and better stability. Hat tip to @mobileyog for this news via nitishkumar.net

V061.005 is now also available for the Nokia C5, and whilst there is currently no Change Log on what this new minor update brings to the C5, it is advisable to update to this latest version to get the best out of your Nokia C5.  The C5 does have UDP functionality, but its aways a good idea to back up your info just in case before updating.

Hat tip to Symbian-Freak for the news of the C5 firmware.!