e72Thanks to the guys over at AAS we have come to learn that there is new minor firmware release available for the popular workhorse of a device, the Nokia E72.  V52.005 is now available for most product codes via Nokia Software Updater, and OTA (Over The Air).

As per usual folks, its recommended that you backup all of your data prior to carrying out a firmware update, even though UDP (User Data Preservation) exists on the E72, its best to be safe than sorry.

Rafe Blandford of AAS has put together a brief change log detailing the minor changes in this new release.

Change log for 052.005

  • Changes in timezones
  • Adobe Reader updated to version 2.5.202
  • Default system start date changed (11/10/2010)
  • Clock time font changed (update after a previous firmware, v51, made it appear smaller)
  • Device Management fix
  • Keypad Autolock fix (autolock now restricted to homescreen)