e72The Nokia E72 is still a very capable device in todays mobile phone market, and its great to see Nokia still supporting this great device. The E72 is the latest in a line of Nokia handsets to be given a fresh bill of health with a new firmware update.

This particular update is quite a significant one too, bringing many changes to the device, some of these are mentioned below thanks to Steve Litchfield over at All About Symbian.

User Data Preservation is not present in the E72, so make sure you backup prior to updating your handsets firmware.

Interim Change Log..

  • SIM Lock 3.0 and B2B Certificate, phase 1 added
  • Startup settings baseline updated (wk47, 2010) (new dates etc.)
  • After a hard reset or on first use, Camera shortcut is replaced with Ovi Store shortcut in the Home screen
  • Removal of Ovi Files (service is now outdated)
  • Vlingo application removed