The Nokia N8 has now just received it’s very first firmware release since it’s launch, PR 1.1 (firmware 13.016) for the Nokia N8 is now available OTA and can be obtained quite quickly and effortlessly by going to your dial screen, key in *#0000# hit options, then select check for updates.


You will then be presented with a few prompts recommending you to carry out a back up of your N8’s contents etc, although this is not really needed due to UDP being built-in with Symbian^3, but its always a good idea to just in case anything should go wrong.

PR 1.1 (firmware 13.016) is available for my N8, however my battery is too depleted to carry out the firmware update process, but as soon as I complete the upload, and explore the device for new additions, improvements, and performance tweaks, I will put together a change log.