If you’re an owner of a Symbian^3 device then this news will probably be more than welcomed by you, at least it was for myself. Just a few days ago the Nokia Ovi Store pushed an update to bring with it in-store app updates, a better search facility, automatic suggestions and top lists among other things.

Version 2.8 of the Ovi Store is an optional upgrade for all users; however it’s unlikely that many people decide against taking the upgrade as its advantages are in abundance.

The algorithm used to show the ‘Top Free’ and ‘Best Sellers’ has been updated, which will now “make app and game listings more relevant for consumers”. The rankings are now filtered better by device and location which means an applications popularity on a particular platform won’t be calculated as a whole and therefore showing inaccurate rankings.

In the past when a user wanted to update their application they would have to be made aware by the developer that a new release was available in-app or otherwise, then uninstall and re-download the application in order to receive the update – now with version 2.8 of the Nokia Ovi Store, this is done via the store and is a more seamless and streamlined process.

Are you happy with the update, or were you expecting much more? I personally think it’s great, however there is still some way to go to make it competitive in terms of how it matches against the likes of the App Store and Android Store.