Unfortunately you can encounter issues while installing Nokia themes. One of these issues is a certificate error. While installing your Nokia theme, it may quit and you’ll be presented with "certificate error". This happens because your phone is setup to check online for a certificate. The best option is to simply turn this option off. The step by step instructions below will guide you through the process of turning Nokia’s online certificate check off.


Step 1 – Find and select Application Manager

First goto the application manager on your Nokia handset. You should find this in the first level of your menu. If not, it means you’ve moved it elsewhere. Have a quick search around, take a look at the image on the left, it should give you a better idea of what you’re looking for.


Step 2 – Finding the options menu

Now that you’re in the Application manager press the left soft button which will open up the options menu. From this menu choose Settings. This will take you to the final step, where you can turn the certificate check off.


Step 3 – Turning off the certificate check

Set Software installation to All, and Online certif. check to Off. That’s it, you can now install the theme trouble free. We hope you found this guide useful.





Expired certificate error

In addition to the certificate error, you may also encounter the ‘expired certificate error’ which involves a slightly different work around. You’re more than likely to encounter this error at some point. It occurs because of the symbian security on the handset itself. Basically Symbian only allow a certificate to be valid for a maximum of 6 months. What this means, is when you try to install a theme older than 6 months, your phone will quit during installation and display ‘expired certificate error’. If you encounter Expired Certificate error during installation on to your Nokia phone, please set your mobile phone date back 1 year before you install your theme. You can set the date back after installation completes.