That’s right folks, Ovi Maps (web portal) has just been refreshed with a new, clean, less cluttered look, and feel, but on top of that, its not very easy to share a favorite location of yours to both twitter, and facebook with the new integration of social networks for Ovi Maps.


Kudos to Pino from Ovi for the heads up on this news.  I have been testing it out just now, and everything appears to be working fine, however if you previously had folders set up for your various favorite, those will now be gone, and all your favorites will be pooled together.  

This is a temporary glitch, and it will be rectified soon as this new version of Ovi Maps is actually still being developed, and as you will notice, the social integration is basic at the moment, but you can be sure things will improve over time.


Head across to check out the new changes for yourself.  If you come across any issues, please do let us know in the comments below, and we will do our best to get them reported for you.